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Wall Street Journal review: "'That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back" is a landmark in American popular literature: It is the first book by Thomas L. Friedman, the New York Times columnist and mega-best-selling author of "The World Is Flat," "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" and so on, in which an alert reader can go whole paragraphs—whole pages, in a few instances—without fighting the impulse to chuck it across the room."     Click here for full review.!
Andy Grove
American Made Hero!!

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Andy Grove ... an American patriot & a true American Made Hero!
Intel‘s CEO or Chairman from 1987 until 2005.

"Friedman is wrong. Startups are a wonderful thing, but they cannot by themselves increase tech employment."

"The underlying problem isn't simply lower Asian costs. It's our own misplaced faith in the power of startups to create U.S. jobs. Americans love the idea of the guys in the garage inventing something that changes the world. New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman recently encapsulated this view in a piece called "Start-Ups, Not Bailouts." His argument: Let tired old companies that do commodity manufacturing die if they have to. If Washington really wants to create jobs, he wrote, it should back startups."

       Click here to read Mr. Grove's article "How America Can Create Jobs"
       --- July 1, 2010 Business Week!!!!!!!
Google co-Founder Sergey Brin sees China as a problem.     Click here for Sergey Brin's "Hero" profile.

NEW YORK: Google's pull-out from China was partly motivated by co-founder Sergey Brin's own memories of repression in the Soviet Union, Brin told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. Brin, who emigrated to the US from the Soviet Union at the age of six in 1979, said that China's web censorship and suppression of dissidents reminded him of the "totalitarianism" of his youth.

"I think (Chinese) protectionism is also certainly a concern."

"In the past couple of years, especially since the Olympics, the situation has gotten considerably worse on a variety of fronts. Both in terms of the amount of information being omitted .. furthermore, other sites of ours such as Youtube and Google docs and I could go through the list are blocked ... I guess the initial momentum that we saw hasn't really continued and has made it very hard to operate under those kind of circumstances."! Does America Need Manufacturing?

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"To a large extent our government has not yet realized that the self-interests of our corporations, especially our large global corporations, can diverge from the interests of our country. We need to find ways to fundamentally "change the motivations of corporations to align with those of our country ."
--(Ralph Gomory)

Listen to this true American Made Hero.!
"AT&T's web traffic intended for Facebook was made to
route through China Telecom servers and SK Broadband
in South Korea before it reached the social networking giant.
Facebook's Zuckerberg Shouldn't Compromise in China, Harvard Teacher Says Click here for complete Bloomberg article.

"The former Harvard College dean said Facebook, whose service is inaccessible in China, should liken its stance on free speech to that of Google Inc., which pulled its search engine out of China last year in opposition of the country’s self-censorship rules. The government bans pornography, gambling and content critical of the ruling Communist Party."

Facebook Data Detour Via China Raises Concern. "Meanwhile, several network security experts believe that it was more than just a mistake that the traffic was routed through China."

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"Three people who visited Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters while the attacks were in progress describe dramatic scenes of a company under siege."
Vanity Fair: "Enter the Cyber-dragon." ... (September 2011)
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" National Security Hackers have attacked America’s defense establishment, as well as companies from Google to Morgan Stanley to security giant RSA, and fingers point to China as the culprit. The author gets an exclusive look at the raging cyber-war—Operation Aurora! Operation Shady rat!—and learns why Washington has been slow to fight back. Related: Michael Joseph Gross goes inside Operation Shady rat. "

"Caught unawares and shorthanded, the company made a list of the world’s top security professionals, and Sergey Brin personally called to offer them jobs—with $100,000 signing bonuses for some..."

Click here. for complete Vanity Fair article "Enter the Cyber-dragon" -- (September 2011)!
Alexander Hamilton
"Not only the wealth, but the independence and security of a country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufacturers. Every nation ... ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of a national supply. They comprise the means of subsistence, habitation, clothing and defense ... The expediency of encouraging manufactures in the United States, which was not long since deemed very questionable, appears at this time to be pretty generally admitted."

   -- Alexander Hamilton ... an American Made Hero!

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