This robot is Made in the USA not too far from Paul Revere's House & is now helping USA companies manufacture in the USA.

       Paul's eyes saw the future.     These eyes are the future.             Join us in learning more about   American Made Robotics  ...  Click here!    !!!! We draw meaning from our past ... yet we are firmly planted in the present.!!!

Paul Revere understood that an independent & free nation must support its' local manufacturers. Buy only American Made!! American Made Heroes!
Street-smart innovators ... bold & cyber savy
Historic Boston is America's Hub of Education & Innovation!!     
Applauding & honoring USA's 2015 innovators & manufacturers.   

Creator of American Made Heroes.   Above event at Boston's Faneuil Hall!!

Faneuil Hall where American Made Heroes planned their rebel actions!

Our message is clear, it is only with innovation & domestic manufacturing combined that USA's prosperous future is assured. We bring this clear & simple message to the Boston region's more than 350,000 college & university students and to cities & manufacturing towns across the USA.

American Made Heroes organization calls historic Boston our home ... and from Boston we challenge USA's innovators to also be patriotic thought leaders & "intellectual street-fighters". We are located at Prospect Hill, the front line of USA's revolution & in eyesight of USA's original Boston tea party.!!! No nonsense® is an American Made Heroes Company!!!!
When you buy No nonsense® socks, tights, and sheer hosiery, you’re helping keep jobs at home and supporting products Made In the USA.   We thank you!! American Made Heroes
applauds the continued success & community involvement of No nonsense®!   Click here!!

Our members and honorees firmly believe that the USA must possess a vibrant domestic manufacturing sector in order for us to have a prosperous economic future. Our members support each other in their efforts to promote and protect USA based manufacturing. We create educational programs encouraging Americans to buy American Made whenever possible.    To learn more about American Made Heroes  ...  Click here!!

*  We are fully committed to utilize the latest technologies & business strategies to fiercely support & promote USA based manufacturers & innovators!  *

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